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If you have missing teeth or an otherwise compromised smile, you may be wondering whether pursuing a tooth implant to fill in the gaps is right for you. Pearl Dental, located in the heart of New York City’s Financial District, offers a painless, innovative, 3D surgical-guided tooth implant procedure that can restore your natural-looking smile.

Tooth Implant Q & A

What are 3D surgical-guided tooth implant?

Millions of Americans experience tooth loss, and a growing number are realizing the benefits of 3D guided tooth implants, given the technology’s precision and accuracy to insert an implant straight through gum tissue with no incision and zero healing time required.

A thorough oral and dental exam is required at Pearl Dental before determining whether you’re a candidate for this type of surgery instead of the traditional implant procedure. If this newer concept is the best option, restorations are created based on three-dimensional modeling of your teeth, gums, and jaws.

Your restoration is tailored to the exact shape of your mouth, including the specific bone thickness and bone height in your jaw. This individualization offers more comfortable, longer-lasting results. As long as enough bone is available to allow for the implant and your gums are in good health, you should have no problem getting a tooth implant.


SIMPLANT is a state-of-the-art tooth implant system that facilitates much more accurate placement of tooth implants through 3D modeling and design. SIMPLANT enables the dentist to assess your teeth and jaws with exceptional precision without probing or other invasive techniques so your implant surgery can be planned out and customized specifically for your needs for more predictable outcomes. Plus, SIMPLANT 3D modeling is compatible with immediate implant restorations, enabling patients to have an “immediate smile” without having to live with gaps left by missing teeth while their restorations are being created.

Why are 3D guided tooth implants considered more effective than regular implants?

Natural, durable-looking treatments that would normally take multiple visits can now be completed in just one. The actual surgery should take about 20 minutes per tooth and less than an hour for full arch implants. In addition, these type of implants have:

  • More predictable results
  • Higher success rates
  • A more efficient procedure
  • Fewer implant-related problems

Pearl Dental dentists adopted this technology as a way to make implant procedures safer, faster, and more precise. They believe a 3D guided tooth implant is here to stay, and may become the new standard of care in dentistry.