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At Pearl Dental in Manhattan's Financial District, New York City patients have multiple options when it comes to whitening and brightening their teeth, including natural teeth whitening with baking soda pastes and traditional at-home bleaching with custom-fit trays. The office also offers Zoom teeth whitening, and Zoom whitening offers dramatic results in just one office visit. Pearl Dental helps patients achieve the degree of whiteness they want with Zoom's unique combination of whitening gel and light activation for custom results and greater self-confidence.


How does baking soda help whiten and brighten teeth?

Baking soda paste is a mild abrasive, which makes it an ideal way to brighten your smile naturally. At Pearl dental, we use the Hu-Friedy AirFlow polisher, a special device designed specifically to be used with baking soda to help remove stains and polish teeth so they look naturally whiter and brighter. Plus, baking soda is alkaline, which means it can help neutralize the acids in your mouth to help restore a healthy pH balance that promotes optimal oral health. Baking soda natural teeth whitening can be a great choice for patients who want to avoid bleaches and whitening chemicals and for those who want to ensure the whitening they achieve doesn't look “too” white.

Do you offer other types of whitening treatments?

Yes, we use a tray-based system so you can bleach your teeth at home. Your whitening treatment begins with impressions of your mouth so the trays can be custom-fit to your mouth. That means whitening results will be more consistent and longer-lasting compared to over-the-counter whitening products that provide a one-size-fits-all solution. Once the trays are complete, you'll be given a special solution to place inside the trays before placing them over your teeth for a brief period of time each day until your each the desired level of whiteness. The bleaching agent we use is designed to bubble away stains on the surfaces of teeth without harming the tooth structure or the gums in any way. Plus, you can save your trays for future touch-up treatments.

What if my teeth are deeply discolored?

Some types of discoloration cannot be treated with whitening – for instance, discoloration that occurs when the interior portion of a tooth is badly damaged or decayed or following a root canal. In those cases, tooth-colored porcelain veneers or crowns can provide a great solution. 

What is Zoom teeth whitening?

Zoom teeth whitening is a state-of-the-art teeth whitening system that uses a combination of whitening gels and light activation to help gels penetrate to deeper layers of the tooth surface for significant results in just one office visit. Because it reaches the deeper layers of the tooth surface, results also last longer than many other types of teeth bleaching treatments.

How is Zoom whitening performed?

Zoom treatment begins with an evaluation of the teeth to determine if there are any tiny cracks or other types of damage that need to be addressed first to reduce the chance of increased tooth sensitivity. During the treatment, a special guard is used to hold the lips away from the tooth surfaces so the activating light can reach all the surfaces and to prevent the gel from being rubbed away. The gel is applied to the entire visible surfaces of the teeth and the light is directed at the tooth surfaces, usually for four, 15-minute intervals, allowing reapplication of the gel as needed.

How often will I need to have whitening treatments to keep my teeth looking their best?

That depends on how well the teeth are cared for after whitening is complete. With proper brushing and flossing an routine teeth cleaning, results can last a year or more. Touch-up treatments may be performed with custom-fit take-home trays and natural options like in-office baking soda treatments.

What can I do to prevent teeth staining and discoloration?

Most staining and discoloration of teeth is related to the foods and beverages that are consumed. Foods and drinks with dark colors, including coffee, red wine, tea, colas, berries and some spices all contain pigments that can stain teeth. Poor oral hygiene habits and infrequent professional cleanings can also contribute to a dull, dingy smile. To prevent staining, brush and floss soon after meals and use a straw when consuming beverages known to stain. Also be sure to have teeth professionally cleaned every six months to remove stains and to learn how to improve brushing and flossing techniques.


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