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What’s In your toothpaste?!?

As you walk down the oral health isle in your local pharmacy you are bombarded with many toothpaste options. The variety of brands, flavors, forms, purposes, and prices can be extremely overwheming! 

It is important to understand what toothpaste is and which toothpaste is most beneficial for your oral health. 

Toothpaste contains active and inactive ingredients. Most toothpastes contain the same inactive ingredients which include; mild abrasives to remove debris and surface staining, flavoring agents, detergents that provide foaming action, humectants to prevent water loss in the paste, and thickening agents to stabilize the toothpaste. 

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), we should pay special attention to the active ingredients in the toothpaste we choose to purchase. Some toothpastes contain the ADA Seal of Acceptance, which means the toothpaste meets all the scientific evidence showing a reduction in tooth decay. 

Other important and useful active ingredients include potassium nitrate to help reduce tooth sensitivity, stannous fluoride and tricolsan to help reduce gingivitis, pyrophosphates, tricolsan, and zinc citrate to reduce build-up of tarter, and abrasives to help whiten teeth by removing surface staining. 

So next time you are overwhelmed looking at all your toothpaste options take a look at the active ingredients and see which toothpaste contains the ingredients that will be most beneficial for you! 

Remember this is just an overview of all your options! If you have further questions come visit your FiDi dental health providers at Pearl Dental NYC and we would love to discuss all your personalized options with you! 


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