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Want some gum?!

Whether you are just finishing a meal or in need of quick fix to fresh smelling breath, chewing gum has been the go to for people for over 9,000 years! In ancient times gum consisted of simple tree sap, but we have come a long way from chewing on tree sap and now chew on gum that has oral health benefits. 

There are several oral effects of chewing gum. After we eat, bacteria in our mouth metabolizes the food and produces acid. This acid is what causes enamel to break down and can cause cavities. Studies show that chewing SUGARLESS gum for 20 mintues after a meal can help prevent cavities. The physical act of chewing, for most people, increases salivary flow, which helps neutralzie the acids that are preoduced when food is metabolized by bacteria in your mouth. 

Similar to toothpastes, certain chewing gum can earn the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance. Companies earn this seal by scientifically proving the gum is sugarless, can reduce acids, promote remineralization of enamel, and reduce cavities and/or gingivitis. 

Although chewing gum has these great benefits remember it does not replace brushing or flossing and you should maintain regular dental visits. 

If you want to learn more and see which brand has earn the ADA Seal of Acceptance come by Pearl Dental NYC and speak to our knowledgeable dental health providers!! 




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