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Some "Health" Foods May Be Harmful

Many treats that profess to be healthy options to consider instead of sweets or chocolate may, in fact, contain excessive amount of sugar or high acidity levels. Some studies even show that raisins or cereal bars and drinks like smoothies or fruit juices can be as damaging to teeth as soda.

There are cases all the time of children who end up with some type of tooth decay even though the child’s parents took measures to prevent such a thing from happening. The problems often stem from enamel damage caused by the food or drinks that prove to be unexpectedly high in sugar or acidity.

This information shows that water may generally be the best beverage to drink, even instead of something like apple juice. The problems will likely be exacerbated without regular visits to the dentist.

The key is to inspect drinks and beverages for hidden sugars or acidity levels by doing the proper research- reading the labels for these foods and beverages.

Source: Dentistry Today Magazine

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