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Invisalign Vs. Braces

While both Invisalign and braces will straighten your teeth, there are benefits to choosing Invisalign. Unlike traditional braces you will never have to worry about hiding your smile because you are embarrassed for people to see your brackets and wires! Invisalign is also removable so you can enjoy a nice meal, a social event, and also maintain the ease of brushing and flossing without maneuvering around braces.


As many of us remember our childhood years with braces, we do not want to experience the poking and scratching of our cheeks and lips, the food caught in every tooth, and the painful monthly orthodontic appointments for a second time, and for those who never experienced braces we definitely do not want to experience them! Invisalign clear aligners are smooth to the touch, easy to apply and remove, easy to clean, and also does not require any food restrictions!


So, after reading all these benefits you may wonder how Invisalign works so effectively. Invisalign aligners are worn at least 22 hours of the day. Each aligner gradually moves or rotates the necessary teeth until proper alignment is achieved! Invisalign aligners work best when worn for 22 hours per day, but are removed for enjoyment of all meals, beverages other than water, and also to brush, floss, and clean the aligners.

In the weeks to come we will be discussing all the things you should know before you start Invisalign treatment!! Make sure you stop by to read about all the tips and tricks to make your Invisalign experience successful!! 


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