Pearl Dental NYC Office Reopening Update


Having straight teeth not only provides you with a beautiful smile, but also improves daily function and increases the longevity of your teeth. Invisalign is an orthodontic system that generates customized removable clear aligners that gradually align your teeth into the proper position to optimize aesthetics and function. 

The clear aligners are nearly unrecognizable to your peers and is clinically proven to align teeth, similar to traditional braces, without the need for visable brackets and wires. 

The invialign process is simple!! At your consulation appointment with your Pearl Dental Invisalign Provider you will discuss your concerns and we will provide you with a full dental examination and evaluation of your specific needs. When the evaluation is completed, a simple impression will be taken of your teeth and sent to Invisalign to custom-make your aligners. Once your aligners are delievered, you will check back with your Pearl Dental Providers every 4-6 weeks to ensure you aligners are fitting properly. Treatment times vary based on each case, but when completed you will be provided with a Vivera retainer to maintain the position of your teeth. 

In the next several weeks, I will be discussing the benefits of Invisalign, so don't forget to stop by to learn more!!! 



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