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How does your kitchen sink prevent tooth decay?!

We all enjoy going into our refridgerator or our local drug store and grabbing a nice cold bottle of water, but other than convenience bottled water is in fact, not as beneficial as tap water. 

There is a common belief that bottled water is "healthier" and goes through more structured filtration processes than tap water. Both tap and bottled water must go through similar FDA approved filtration processes and must follow strict guidelines to ensure safety, but bottled water does not contain the optimal levels (0.7-1.2ppm) of fluoride. 

For years, the American Dental Association has endorsed water fluoridation in our communities. In fact, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ranks water fluoridation among the top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century. 

Why is water fluoridation so important for your oral health?

Fluoride is a naturally formed mineral that prevents tooth decay. Fluoride is easily abosorbed by enamel and makes the tooth structure stronger and resillent to tooth decay. 

Who would have thought drinking tap water could prevent tooth decay?!

Next time you need a glass of water, skip on the bottle and head to your kitchen sink! 

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