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Do You have Enamel Fluorosis?

It’s funny how decisions we Make as a child, creep up later in life. Even the simplest choices such as sucking our thumbs, playing with your food, and even swallowing our toothpaste when brushing our teeth. In fact, ingesting toothpaste as a child has a high influence on our teeth in adulthood. For example, if you have intrinsic white or brown mottling or striations on your teeth, (pictured above), chances are that you didn’t rinse after brushing as child. It’s a result of Enamel Fluorosis.


How does this happen? Well, Enamel Fluorosis occurs by hypomineralization in a “tooth’s enamel due to increased fluoride in early childhood.” ( So, by not rinsing, the fluoride builds up and is shown as the white stripes or brown blemishes on teeth.


This isn’t anything necessarily harmful, but people feel this is aesthetically unpleasing. In the past, this was corrected by aggressively applying heat and hydrogen peroxide, acids, veneers and crowns to a tooth. These techniques would compromise healthy teeth which cause unnecessary problems. Thankfully, there is an innovative, conservative, and pain-free option to achieve optimal esthetics: Enamel Microabrasion. Think of the treatment as a skin chemical peel, but for teeth. The ‘extra’ enamel on teeth (due to the increased fluoride) is removed from the tooth during a short procedure.


This ideal alternative is available to Pearl Dental NYC, where Dr. Perlroth and fellow dentist are well versed in the invasive treatment. If you are in the Financial Distract area and interested in this procedure, feel free to schedule your appointment today!

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