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On the Grind?

Approximately, 10 percent of American adults grind their teeth while sleep. Usually the behavior is due to high-stress influences. It’s very common for people to unfortunately, ironically lull themselves to sleep by thinking about anxious situations. This subconscious act is detrimental to dental health. Reported by the American Dental Association, oral health researchers have studied and concluded there are other causes, specifically alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine which are linked to facilitate teeth clenching. If you lead a stressful life, or tobacco, caffeine, or alcohol is your vice, it’s likely your mornings begin with dull headache or sore jaw from gnawing overnight. If this sounds like you, we suggest thinking about your sleeping patterns.


Routine dental cleanings reveal so much about oral habits including how much you grind (and we don’t mean hustle). When the caring providers at Pearl Dental NYC, in the Financial District, notice a patient is on their ‘grind,’ we have ways to help. The office offers custom occlusal guards, or night guards, which provide a soft,plastic cushion between your teeth as you sleep. Thankfully, this is a comfortable, safe alternative. Additionally, we offer Botox injections to relax the maxillary muscle employed in sleep bruxism (clenching teeth). Everyone deserves quality sleep. So, why let teeth get in the way? We wouldn’t dream of it.


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