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Love Soda?

Diet and fully sugared soda can cause harm to teeth

Jan 19th, 2017
On the Grind?

Night guards for people who grind their teeth while sleeping

Dec 8th, 2016
What the Floss?!

Some say flossing is ineffective. You be the judge, but we encourage the habit

Aug 3rd, 2016
Will a Probiotic Pill Prevent Cavities?

According to recently published findings, dealing with cavities could one day be as simple as taking a supplement to keep unwanted bacteria in check.

May 20th, 2016
How to Choose the Right Toothbrush

Selecting a toothbrush seems like simple science: Bristles? Check. Handle? Check. But while the primary considerations seem relatively straightforward, there are a variety of features to keep in mind.

May 20th, 2016
Men's Oral Health

Men are less likely than woman to take care of their physical health and, according to research, their oral health is equally ignored.

Mar 8th, 2016
Flossing FAQ

By flossing just once a day, you can decrease your risk of gum disease and increase your chances of maintaining good oral health throughout your lifetime.

Mar 8th, 2016
Easing Dentistry-Related Anxiety

Going to the dentist can cause anxiety, and that's a normal reaction. You can overcome this fear by educating yourself and talking with your dentist and the dental team.

Mar 8th, 2016
What is a Root Canal?

Nerves enter at the tip of the tooth's roots and run through the center of the tooth in small, thin root canals, which join up in the pulp chamber. Each tooth has at least one root canal but may contain more.

Mar 8th, 2016
Perceptions About Flossing

More than one third of Americans (36%) would rather perform an unpleasant activity like cleaning the toilet (14%) than floss.

Mar 8th, 2016
Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Harmful on Kids

Smoking around children is a bad idea due to the potential for respiratory illnesses. But researchers at Kyoto University in Japan also have linked it to tooth decay in deciduous teeth.

Mar 8th, 2016
Seeking Whiter Teeth? Not So Fast!

“Can’t I just whiten my teeth at home?” Read on to learn why it’s important for teeth whitening to be prescribed and performed by a professional.

Mar 8th, 2016

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